Here at Little Bollington our curriculum has been designed to offer our children a broad and balanced curriculum that challenges, engages and inspires our pupils to become life-long learners. We have a diverse range of children here, with many children joining our school at various stages of their primary journey; due to this we have to ensure that our curriculum provides building blocks for future learning and includes making sure that our children have secure foundations in place on which to base the next stage of their education. As we have mixed age classes we operate on a two-year cycle, which ensures that all children will cover everything that they need to before moving on to the next class.

Our curriculum is working document that will change and adapt as we progress through the year. We know exactly what we want to achieve, we know what we want our pupils to look like when they leave school in Year 6 and we have designed our new curriculum to achieve this goal. Our pupils are incredibly resourceful and many have a lot of responsibilities outside of the classroom; we will look to help them build their independence and self-reliance, help them to problem solve and think creatively and ensure that they leave Little Bollington with the key concepts soundly embedded across all areas of the curriculum.

We have a large proportion of SEND pupils here at Little Bollington, it is our duty to make sure that these pupils are able to access all areas of the curriculum and adapt what we offer to suit their needs. As such, our curriculum has been tailored to suit the needs of all pupils with all of our teachers practicing adaptive teaching in their classrooms.