School Uniform

The school has a uniform which all children are expected to wear from Pre-School to Year Six. Some items of school uniform such as poloshirts, sweatshirts, PE T-shirts and book bags, are available from our uniform supplier GOODDIES

The uniform is as follows.

Boys: Royal Blue Sweatshirt with school badge, Long or short grey trousers, Gold polo shirt, Black socks.

Girls: Royal Blue Sweatshirt or Cardigan with school badge, Gold polo shirt , Grey skirt or pinafore dress, White socks or grey tights, Blue Gingham dress may be worn in Summer.

Black shoes should be worn.  We actively discourage the wearing of training shoes as part of school uniform.


Pe KIt (Reception-Year 6) - Navy Blue shorts, Roayl Blue T-shirt, Black Trainers. 


Anyone having problems with school uniform should see the headteacher.  If for any reason your child cannot wear his or her uniform on a particular day, a note should be sent explaining the reason why.

As all items of school uniform look the same it is essential to ensure that they are labelled.


When you access the Goodies website you will need to register your details. Once you have accessed the site there is a tab at the top of the page for "find your school" - this will take you to the Little Bollington specific page.