Class 4 2023 - 2024

Class 4    Home to our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils, taught by Mr Walsh and supported in class by Mrs Crompton and Mrs Mubanga.  

"A reader lives a thousand lives before they die...those who never read live only one." 

This quote can be found in the reading corner of our classroom, and is a constant reminder to our pupils that reading is a gateway to adventures beyond our wildest imaginations...

Reading is my biggest passion and is one of the most important things to encourage your children to do at home. Reading can help your children in all areas of the curriculum, not just in their reading and writing, so it is of vital importance. We are very proud of the books we have on offer to the children in school, but if you are struggling for ideas on books for your children at home, please use this link to Goodreads. It is a list of the Top 100 books for children. What is great about this site is, if you click on a book that you know you child has read and really enjoyed, it will give you suggestions on what to try next, based on your tastes. It is completely free to use! 


Our Curriculum

Maths - We are very lucky to be able to split the class for maths lessons. Everyday, Mr Walsh will take the Year 6 pupils and Miss Gregory teaches the Year 5s. We also have a provision called Fluency Bees, where children who need a little extra support in their fluency are taught in a small group each day. 

English - We teach English as a whole class. We use the Read to Write scheme from Literacy Counts, which uses high-quality literature as a stimulus for pieces of fiction and non fiction writing. We aim to complete at least one fiction and one non-fiction piece each half term which can be used for assessment. We also use Steps to Read, again provided by Literacy Counts, for our guided reading. This again has a focus on high-quality texts to improve and practice comprehension skills. We teach discrete SPAG lessons each week, usually to tie in with our piece of writing at the time. We also teach spelling rules discretely every Monday. 

History and Geography - We rotate between these two subjects each half term. We use various resources to deliver engaging lessons including the Historical Association. 

Science - Science is taught weekly. We follow the Plymouth Science Scheme, which has a great deal of practical elements. This year, we are learning about materials, space, living things and engineering. 

French - We have a peripatetic French teacher called Eloise who comes in each week to teach the children French. 

Music - We have a peripatetic Music teacher called Mr Curtin who comes in every Thursday of Spring Term to teach the children how to play the trumpet and trombone. 

PSHE - We follow the Kapow scheme of work, which focusses on a wide range of topics from friendships, online safety, bullying, stereotypes and discrimination. 

DT and Art - We rotate between DT and Art each hald term. We follow the Kapow scheme of work for both subjects. This year our Art has linked in with our Space topic in science, and our DT work has been planning and preparing a healthy 3 course meal. 

PE - In Autumn term we go swimming every Wednesday to Lymm High School. We have two PE sessions each week, one indoor, one outdoor. We have a focus this term on Gymnastics indoor and Tag Rugby Outdoor. 


Each term we will assess the children in various subjects. 

Maths and English (Reading and SPAG) are assessed using the NFER Papers. Other subjects are assessed using teacher judgements or assessments provided by the scheme of work. 

We have pupil progress meetings following these assessments, with the Head and the SENCO to discuss how we can best support our children moving forward to ensure all children are making progress. 

Additional Information 

We set homework every Wednesday and allow a full week to complete. It will be both Maths and English and will usually be to consolidate learning from lessons. 

We have PE sessions on a Wednesday and Friday, so please ensure your child has their kit in school. 



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