AEMS Residential Class 4

Date: 6th Mar 2023 @ 11:05am

So Class 4 are off on our residential for the next 3 days. We are very excited and can't wait to see what new skills we will learn over the next few days. Please check back here for some little updates as we go along.

Monday 6th March:

9:30am All aboard the coach and we are on our way. All being well and no traffic issues we should be arriving at the Conway Centre for just after 11:30am 

14:00: All arrived safely. Had our tour of the centre, had our lunch in our social area and have met all of the artists who we will be working with this week. Our bags are all up in our dorms and our beds have been made...Robin def wins the prize for most capable bed maker in the boys dorm ?

We've just started our first session with Rafael doing our Capoeira dance session...looks like it's going to be a very active session to build up a good appetite for our tea later! 

16:30: Capoeira workshop now completed. Was a great chance for us to learn a Brazilian type of dancing after all of our work on the Amazon rainforest last half term. Currently we are in our social area with some serious Uno games and Connect 4 head to heads taking place! We are all now looking forward to our tea at 5 o'clock.

19:30: Tea was fab! Choice of chicken pie and chips, fish and chips or tomato pasta. There was also a load of fresh fruit available and lots of salad for those who wanted some. Pudding was flapjack or GIANT rice crispie cakes. 
We are now in the middle of our beat boxing workshop with Danny and we've most certainly got some budding rappers in the ranks! 

22:10: Beat boxing session completed and we even managed to create our own beats and tunes with Danny...I know I'm biased but as a staff we were like rap gods with our beats! The children didn't do too badly either ? Just settling down for the night now and getting in some much needed sleep before another full on day tomorrow. We've got drumming and 2 art sessions to look forward to. 

22:40: All quiet! Everyone fast asleep and getting some needed zzzzzzzz ? More updates to follow in the morning! 


Tuesday 7th March

7:00am: Good morning world! We are well and truly up and running today! Everyone slept well last night and were up and dressed this morning before half 6 ? Weather is looking a lot better today so we are looking forward to getting out and exploring the play area and the fields during our breaks later. The Connect4 challenges are well and truly underway already! Who will emerge victorious...the wait to find our champion continues! 

8:50: Breakfast all done and dusted. Bacon, beans, scrambled egg, choice of cereals, fruit, toast, bagels...we're fully fuelled and ready to go! 
We've been out for a little play, a few pairs of damp feet...prob due to the snow that's falling ? 

First workshop today will be drumming, let's go! ?? ? 

12:50: Drumming complete! We have learnt a lot of new songs, beat out some rhythms and danced to the songs. We've just had our lunch, choice of tuna, ham, cheese or chicken baguette with crisps, little chocolate bar and fruit. Looking forward to getting out for another play before our next session where we will be doing some 3D art. Miss Gregory has arrived to say hello and to join in with us this afternoon. 

5:00pm: 3D workshop completed and we have created some Celtic inspired masks...not sure what's scarier...the masks or reality ? 

Off for our tea now, some hungry, hardworking stomachs to feed! 

9pm: Fully fuelled and recharged for our workshop tonight. We had a choice of pizza and chips, spag bol, fish cake and chips for our main and either a jam donut, chocolate covered ring donut, flapjack or yoghurt for pudding. 

Our session tonight was willow weaving which was a lot harder than we thought it would be so there was a lot of teamwork needed in order to get the job done. We have created some great flowers though! 

We are currently in the process of getting everyone into their dorms and to sleep for the night.  Surprisingly, after the 4am and 5:45am wake up for some there has been a bit of a dip in energy levels as the night has worn on! 

10:20: All asleep and the snores signal the end of a very busy day! Here's to a good nights sleep and a final day of activities tomorrow. 

Wednesday 8th March

8am: Good morning team! 
So not such an early start to the day for us...must've needed that extra sleep after yesterday's early rise! Dorms are currently getting cleared out and all random socks being returned to their owners ? 

We have also now got our official Class 4 Conway Centre Connect4 Champion...congratulations Robin! A clinical performance in the final against Casey! 

We've brought our cases down to our social room and are now just waiting to go up for our breakfast.


9:45: Breakfast all done and dusted. Suitcases have all been moved into our holding area ready for moving to the coach later. We are now taking part in our final session - Indian dancing with Vina. 

12:50: Indian dance all completed. Everyone had a really good try at all of the different dances and we looked fab in our traditional costumes. A little bit of work needed on our coordination but a great effort from all! 

We have polished off our final lunch and have loaded the coach with all of our things. We're heading home! ?

It has been a real pleasure to take Class 4 away this week, they have conducted themselves really well and represented our school in a great way. Well done team LB ??


All being well we will be back at school for around 2:30pm


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